September 28, 2022 3:21 am
Anthony Gonzalez, House Republican who voted to impeach Trump, won’t seek reelection

Anthony Gonzalez, House Republican who voted to impeach Trump, won’t seek reelection

One 10 House Republicans, who voted in favor of impeaching former President Trump for his role as an incitement to the Jan. 6 insurrection. he he he reelection in Ohio.

U.S. Rep. Gonzalez was a former NFL football player who had a bright future. He cited his and two children as reasons for his his decision. He also noted that “the chaotic political climate currently infecting our country” He He is the first Latino in Congress.

“While my desire to build a fuller family life is at the heart of my decision, it is also true that the current state of our politics, especially many of the toxic dynamics inside our own party, is a significant factor in my decisions,” Gonzalez said in his statement.

Gonzalez, 36, would have faced Max Miller in the 2022 primary. Trump has endorsed Miller as his former White House and campaign adviser in an attempt to punish those who voted to impeach him or block his attempts to overturn the election results. Trump supported Miller in this summer’s rally.

In a statement, Miller’s campaign called Gonzalez‘s announcement Thursday “good news for the voters of our district,” said Gonzalez had “dishonored the office by betraying his constituents” with his impeachment vote.

Gonzalez represents northeast Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, in the northeastern part of the state.

The Ohio Republican Party censured Gonzalez in May for voting in February to impeach Trump. Gonzalez has stood by his impeachment vote in the face of fierce pushback from his party’s conservative wing.

It remains unclear whether any of the other House Republicans who joined Gonzalez in voting for impeachment will follow in his footsteps.

In an interview with the New York Times announcing his decision, Gonzalez called Trump “a cancer for the country” who represents a threat to democracy and said that Jan. 6 had been “a line-in-the-sand moment” for him.

While he stated that there was a time when the party might split with the former president. he is dismayed at its decision to embrace Trump .

“This is the direction that we’re going to go in for the next two years and potentially four, and it’s going to make Trump the center of fund-raising efforts and political outreach,” Gonzalez told the newspaper. “This is not something that I’m going in to .”

He stated that he will spend his time working to stop Trump being elected again to the White House.

” “The majority of my political energy is going to be spent on this exact goal,” he stated. Trump The aides to the did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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