Socialist AOC Wants to Take Seniors’ Medicare Away to Increase Food Stamp Giveaways

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Our senior citizens are from “the greatest generation.” They earned this title through their hard work and patriotism that essentially built this country. They deserve our respect and the utmost care.

Sandy Batt, the spokesperson for the group Conservatives over 55, says:

Liberals have never felt that way. To them, the aged are burdens that we would be better off without. That’s why they keep trying to eliminate social security. Democrats see our seniors as disposable.

Instead, the leftists would rather put government attention and care onto the real burdens on society. Specifically, they want to pour money into welfare and food stamps for those in America who do nothing to contribute to society. Their socialist mission is to give away everything for free.

With the stimulus checks about to be delivered to individuals across the country, money is tight in the federal government. There isn’t any money to take care of those who won’t take care of themselves. With this in mind, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting creative.

AOC wants to increase the budget to the food stamp program and says it can be easily funded by taking Medicare away from our retirees. Her reasoning was described in a series of tweets:

“In times like these, our money needs to go to those who still have value to America. Seniors no longer have any use to anybody. They don’t work, they don’t produce, they don’t earn. All they do is take away valuable financial resources from those who still have potential.

Millions of people in America, both citizens and non, still have their whole lives ahead of them in which they will be useful to this country. They need that money, especially now. Yanking medical care from the elderly who use it more than others will more than adequately provide the dollars needed to pay for this.”

Cortez wants to simply let senior citizens die off. This is what deplorable looks like. This is socialism.

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