September 29, 2022 4:51 am
China pledges $230 million for biodiversity fund at UN meet

China pledges $230 million for biodiversity fund at UN meet

BEIJING — China Tuesday pledged $230 millions to create a fund to help protect biodiversity in developing nations.

President Xi Jinping spoke via video at a U.N. conference held in Kunming in southwest China. He asked for other countries to support the Kunming Biodiversity Fund.

The week-long meeting marked the official start of a new round global talks to protect the planet’s animals and plants from extinction. From April 25 through May 8, next year, Kunming will host a second and final session to discuss the future 10 goals.

The world has not met most of the 10-year targets, including the Aichi Biodiversity Goals in Japan in 2010.. According to Greenpeace, an environmental group, countries should not only set new targets, but also meet them.

“The Kunming Biodiversity Fund, which was launched today, should spark an urgently needed discussion on biodiversity finance,” it stated in a statement.

One 2010 goal was reached: According to a U.N. study, approximately one-sixth of the world’s land and freshwater areas now lie within protected or conservation areas.

Xi stated that China is moving to build a natural conservation system, with a new national parks system at its core.

China has made significant progress in recent years in protecting wildlife and habitat after decades of relentless economic growth. China has established protected areas and witnessed a recovery in the giant panda population and other species. China tightened its control over wildlife trade following the possible link to COVID .

The conference featured other leaders such as the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep TAYYIP Erdogan, and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The meeting originally scheduled for October 2020,, was postponed twice due to the pandemic.