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Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in ‘No Time to Die’

Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in ‘No Time to Die’

NEWYORK (AP – Daniel Craig was when he got the gig. he felt something was wrong. He told producers, “You’ve got a wrong guy.”

But Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson insisted. he wasn’t the one. He Was James Bond.

Craig, then a rising performer but far from the expected choice, never had any ambitions to play James Bond. He assumed that he was being snatched along in a huge casting machine, as one of the dozens of actors being screen-tested.

” “Once I found out, I was incredibly humbled and profoundly confused,” Craig said in an interview. “I felt that I wasn’t the right person .”

Fifteen years and five films later, Craig’s tenure as 007 is coming to a close. “No Time to Die,” which opens in the U.S. on Friday after a 16-month delay due to the pandemic, is the last hurrah in Craig’s celebrated Bond era, a stewardship that saw Craig remake and emotionally deepen the once retrograde superspy – with more than $3 billion in box office along the way. Craig was once snubbed as “Blond Bond” and became a huge success.

“It paid off in spades,” said Broccoli. He’s truly extraordinary. He’s reinvented it for the 21st century. He looked into the inner-life Bond .

But would Craig ever have done it if he had known what he was getting into?

” If I had more information, I don’t think I could have done it. Craig spoke by Zoom from New York. “The rest, the weight, and how massive it all is, I didn’t really understand. .”

was not something I understood.

He takes a moment to pause. Craig said, “I don’t think I understand it now.” “I pretend to understand. This is what getting older means. I’m a better person now .”

“No Time To Die” directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga is certain to be Craig’s last turn in the tux. It’s also the culmination of Craig’s time driving Bond. His 007 is a character, not an icon, capable of grief and regret, and far from bulletproof. This evolution is the focus of “No Time to Die .”


” I always felt that: How does this affect him? In a Bond world. It’s not in a Hamlet-like way. Craig says that he will play Macbeth, not Hamlet. This play is about the perils and ambitions of ambition.

“No Time to Die” began in a rocky fashion after Danny Boyle, the writer and director, left due to creative differences. Fukunaga took over and completely rewrote the script. Some people were surprised that the film had ever been made. Craig suggested that he would rather slit his wrists and make another film than the 2015’s “Spectre” entry. Craig was tired of the physical toll and time commitment of filmmaking – “It’s a year,” is what he said about each film – which was weighing on his body.

“I’ve often been criticized as moaning about it,” said Craig, 53. “After ‘Spectre,’ I was like: I don’t think I can handle this anymore. It was at this point that the risk felt too great. It’s a phone call home, where I call up to say that I’m hurt, I’m at the hospital, it’s not a pleasant phone call, and it’s something that’s happened many times over the years .”

He laughs. “It happened on that as well, but here you go .”

While filming in Jamaica Craig fell on a wet dock, and badly injured his ankle. It was hard for the filmmakers to imagine that losing their star would only be one of many problems. “No Time to Die” was originally scheduled to debut in April 2020. before the pandemic. Television ads were shown. Craig hosted “Saturday Night Live” and the theme of the film, written by Billie Eilish was released. It won a Grammy a few months before it’s London premiere.

“No time to die” is a critical moment in the movie industry. Some ticket sales have reached pre-pandemic levels in recent months. Bond is not only poised to save the world, but also to give movie theaters a boost while he does it. Sales in the U.K. over the weekend were on par with the opening for 2012’s “Skyfall,” which cleared $1.1 billion at the box office.

Change is, however, everywhere. Amazon announced plans in May to buy Bond’s home studio MGM. Amazon announced plans to acquire MGM, Bond’s home studio. This included promises that Bond films would always be first released in theaters.

“We’ve been told that by MGM and Amazon and take them at their word,” said Wilson. “We have had our studio sold many times throughout the history of Bond. For 60 years, we’ve had countless different owners and we’ve managed to stay making our films and keeping Bond going.”

But Craig’s departure may test the franchise more than any previous 007 changing of the guard since Sean Connery exited. Craig’s five films have shaped the series as much as his character. He brought in top-tier filmmakers and raised the bar.

” I asked them directly. Craig said, “Listen, I have to have the confidence to play this role. I am one of the most confident actors in movie history, if I don’t count the most confident person in movie history. I must be able to participate.” Craig said, “I need to be able know the current situation, have an opinion and feel that I have a voice.” They said, “Yes, we want to get involved

” A lot of money has been spent on these movies,” said Craig. “If these movies are going to be expensive, then it’s important to hire the best. It is essential that we get the best talent in the industry. .”

is the thing I am most proud of.

Expect to hear endless speculations and rumors about Craig’s successor over the next year. The Onion reports that Wallace Shawn is part of the mix. Broccoli and Wilson, though, say their current focus is on celebrating Craig’s swan song. They haven’t defined any parameters other than to state that Bond is a fundamentally male character.

“It’s not like we’re trying to be evasive,” said Broccoli. “We are not yet at the point where we want it to be. It is clear. With the .”

character, we could go anywhere.

Craig is concerned that the films will remain relevant into the future. he seems almost happy that these concerns are not his ..

” “It’s not upto me anymore,” said Craig , smiling. “I will be amazed .”

In the meantime, the once-rigid power structure within the Bond universe has been partially dismantled from inside. Lea Seydoux is back as Madeleine Swann in “No Time to Die”. This film marks the first time that a Bond love interest, a “Bond girl”, has been carried over from one film to another. Swann and Bond’s love isn’t disposable in the film. It is central.

“She is not stereotypical. Seydoux stated that she is not a sexual object. “Daniel , a feminist who really wanted more female characters .”

” I want everyone on screen to mean something. To have weight,” stated Craig . “I have loved certain characters from the past movies, and they have an impact on me. There are many characters that are easily forgotten because they were trained to do something. I wanted everyone to be remembered .”


Lashana Lynch also makes Bond history in “No Time to Die” as the first female 007. (Bond left the service to make the film, which freed him of his code name. Lynch, a British Jamaican actor, was only really gripped by Bond when Craig took over in 2006’s “Casino Royale.”

” For me, as a Black woman, to be able relate to this White man is magic,” Lynch said. “That’s not only the power Daniel Craig brought to the franchise but also the power of its creators to keep the fans onboard and invite new fans to join the fun .”

The final shot on a film set is known as the martini. When it came time for Craig to film his last scene and wrap his 15 years as Bond, it was a rainy, cold late night on the backlot of Pinewood studios.

But all the crew members – producers, heads and actors – were present to witness the event. Broccoli noted the fittingness of the scene – Craig running away from camera, into the dark. As you can see, Craig was moved to tears by the opportunity. he addressed the group. he was shaken up by the martini.

” The last day of filming rarely ends in a punch-in the-air moment. It is often a long, hard day. Everybody wants to go home,” says Craig .. “I thought: Oh s —.. I must make a speech .'”

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