October 1, 2022 5:47 am

Entertainment Company Excited To Hit The Road Again As Australia Decides To Live With COVID Rather Than Try To Eliminate It

AustraliaMagic Men Live, one of the most popular live touring shows in Australia, is delighted to announce that they are returning to their tour shows following a change in policy by the Australian Government. According to national media, the Government concluded that COVID elimination is a pipe dream.

According to Reuters, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews flagged a staggered easing of the tough restrictions once 70% of the state’s adult residents receive at least one dose, a milestone that is hoped to be reached by at least by Sept. 23, based on current vaccination rates.

“We have thrown everything at this, but it is now clear to us that we are not going to drive these numbers down, they are instead going to increase,” Andrews told reporters in Melbourne, the state capital after a lockdown for nearly a month failed to quell the outbreak. The lockdown was scheduled to end on Thursday.

This easing of the lockdown rules would then permit entertainment companies to begin performing once again, something which they are desperate to do. Carlos Fang stated that the COVID pandemic has devastated the entertainment industry. “Perhaps more than any other industry, our ability to work has been crippled, and so we are thrilled to announce the resumption of live shows across the country.”

Magic Men Live is an acclaimed and popular entertainment extravaganza that has been running for over ten years. It features captivating routines and breathtaking performances at Melbourne’s finest venues. For more information and to book tickets visit the company website at https://www.magicmenlive.com.au

Company Name: Magic Men live
Contact Person: Carlos
Phone: 1300 624 426
Country: Australia

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