October 1, 2022 4:01 am
‘Fascist’: Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandates on private businesses spark immediate backlash

‘Fascist’: Biden COVID-19 vaccine mandates on private businesses spark immediate backlash

Republican governors and everyday Americans pledged to fight President Biden‘s decision to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations or regular testing at large companies, saying it amounted to a brazen “assault” on private businesses.

Social media users pledged to break the new rules using the hashtag #IWillNotComply.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado stated that workers can send a message.

” If all federal employees walked out of the job. “The machine would cease working,” the party tweeted. “@POTUS, a fascist !”

Republican governors made a similar statement of defiance.

” This requires pushback, and response, and that is what Arizona will do,” Arizona Governor. Doug Ducey, a Republican, spoke in Phoenix to support the vaccine, but not mandates.

He stated that there would be “more to come on what that’s going be .”

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott stated that Texas was already planning a response to Mr. Biden ‘s decision to issue rules through Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Republican Governors Association highlighted tweets by 19 Governors in all of those who rejected Mr. ‘s push — including South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem who said to Mr. Biden :, “See you at court .”

“Republican Governors Stand Firm against Joe Biden ‘s Overreaching Federal Agenda and are ready to fight his Unconstitutional Federal Mandat on Vaccines,” the association stated.

The rule will require businesses that employ 100 workers or more to obtain the vaccine or undergo weekly testing. Violations could result in heavy fines.

Biden‘s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses. “I issued an Executive Order protecting Texans’ right to choose whether or not they get the COVID vaccination & added it the special session agenda,” Abbott, a Republican tweeted. “Texas is already working on halting this power grab .”

Oklahoma Attorney general John O’Connor stated that he is currently preparing a lawsuit against the rules.

” We respect the rights of Oklahomans to make their own health care decisions. My office will strongly oppose any federal government attempt to mandate vaccines. We are currently preparing litigation to defend our rights and protect the rule of law from the overreach by the federal government

Josh Mandel is a former Ohio treasurer, who has flirted with U.S. Senate bids. He said that he hopes the Supreme Court “does the right thing” to strike down the rules. He advised Americans not to follow the tyranny .”

“When Gestapo arrive at your front door and you know what to say,” he said in a video filmed at night in a cornfield.

Mr. Biden will mandate vaccines for 100million workers in the federal government, private companies and the health care sector. The delta variant of coronavirus is threatening another doleful winter and causing outbreaks.

The president, who took office in January vowing to beat COVID-19, seemed emboldened by the fact that unvaccinated persons are now a minority in the U.S.

More Americans are fully vaccinated than , and 73% all eligible persons 12 or older have had at least one dose. However, Mr. Biden stated that patience is being lost with those who continue to watch.

Courts generally favor vaccine mandates from employers. OSHA has broad latitude to ensure safe workplaces. However, the new approach of Mr. Biden will be tested in different courts.

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