September 29, 2022 5:52 am
George Floyd statue vandalized in New York City

George Floyd statue vandalized in New York City

NEW YORK – A statue in honor of George Floyd was vandalized at Union Square Park in New York City on Sunday, police reported.

According to police, a clip showed an unidentified male riding a skateboard and spraying paint on the statue around 10 AM. Then he fled.

Nearby statues late Congressman John Lewis, and Breonna Taylor (a Louisville, Kentucky woman who was shot and killed last year by police) apparently weren’t touched.

Police has not released the video.

Sunday wasn’t the only vandalism to the statue that honored Floyd ,, whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police last year sparked a national movement for racial justice.

The statue was unveiled in Brooklyn on Juneteenth. It was marked with a logo of a white supremacist organization and was then vandalized with black paint five days later.

Members of the group that placed the statue cleaned it. Local residents and one of Floyd ‘s brother gathered in July to clean it as the statue was being prepared to move to Union Square in Manhattan.

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