September 29, 2022 4:11 am
Germany detains 2 ex-soldiers trying to form mercenary group

Germany detains 2 ex-soldiers trying to form mercenary group

BERLIN (AP). — Two former soldiers were detained Wednesday by German authorities. They are accused of trying to create a mercenary organization that would have acted in the conflict in Yemen.

Federal authorities said that the men, who were identified as Arend-Adolf G., and Achim A., were taken into custody in southern Germany. Both men are German citizens and were former members of the Bundeswehr.

The men are accused of being the ringleaders of the formation of a terrorist organization, according to prosecutors in a statement.

They are accused of having decided together in early 2021, to form their own mercenary organization made up of 100 as well as 150 ex-soldiers or police officers.

The men’s primary motivation was to earn about 40,000 euros ($47,000) each per month by offering the group’s services to third parties, specifically Saudi Arabia, prosecutors said. The oil-rich kingdom intervened in the conflict between the Houthi rebels and the Houthi government in Yemen. Prosecutors stated that the men failed to reach out to Saudi officials.

The men knew that military intervention in Yemen would require them to kill civilians and were also aware of the possibility that they might inflict injury on civilians, prosecutors stated. They said

ArendAdolf G. was alleged to have convinced at least seven others to support the plan.