October 1, 2022 5:25 am
Joe Biden says he doesn’t support term limits for Supreme Court justices

Joe Biden says he doesn’t support term limits for Supreme Court justices


President Biden Friday stated he s against term limits for Supreme Court Justices. This idea was suggested by the commission he to reform the nation’s largest court.

When asked if he supports term limits for justices’, Mr. Biden replied, “No.” He did not elaborate.

The commission released around 200 pages discussion materials on Thursday. The commission was less enthusiastic about the idea that more court justices should be added, but it did not rule out term limits.

Commission Members stated that term limits would receive more bipartisan support from Congress. However, Congress is split on whether term limit constitutional.

This has caused concern among panel members, according the report. The opponents of term limits fear that the justices would have to decide whether such a proposal is constitutional. This could lead to concerns about the legitimacy of the ‘court.

Panel members who supported the idea dismissed these concerns as “overblown,” saying that it does not pose a threat court ‘s credibility in comparison to other issues it has dealt with over the years.

“Some commissioners believe term limits are a properly calibrated solution to this problem and will help court protect our democracy from actual or potential regress,” said the panel.

The commission is made up of centrist and liberal members. It is expected to issue a final Report Nov. 14 proposing changes to the high Court .

Jen Psaki,

White House press Secretary, stated Wednesday that Mr. Biden would not comment on the report until the final draft has been submitted to him November and he ‘s reviewed it.

On Thursday, Ms. Psaki downplayed the preliminary draft’s significance, calling it “an assessment, not a recommendation.”

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