September 29, 2022 5:58 am
La Palma: Hundreds more evacuate to flee volcano lava

La Palma: Hundreds more evacuate to flee volcano lava

MADRID — Authorities said that hundreds of people evacuated La Palma after a river of molten rocks flooded into a coastal city during a prolonged volcanic eruption. Juan Miguel Rodriguez, mayor of Tazacorte said that

Emergency helped some 500 residents flee their homes.

A total of 7 ,500 individuals have had to flee the area since the Cumbre Vieja started erupting over a month ago. Scientists predict that the eruption could continue for at least three months. The tension of not knowing if the slow-moving, molten rock will engulf their homes, farms, and businesses is taking its toll on local residents, Rodriguez stated. “There is already a degree of despair and desperation waiting for the volcano’s subside.” he stated.

Though most of the island of 85,000 people off northwest Africa is unaffected by the eruption, part of the western side has seen the lava ruin livelihoods and destroy homes.

The molten rock covered more than 866 ha (2 ,100 acres), and damaged or destroyed around 2 ,185 houses.

The constant roar of the volcano and the countless earthquakes have kept residents on edge. The National Geographical Institute recorded 38 earthquakes since midnight. The strongest recorded a magnitude of 4.3.

The economy of La Palma (part of Spain’s Canary Islands) is primarily based on tourism and banana plantations. Spanish officials have pledged millions of dollars (euros) to rebuild infrastructure that has been damaged.