September 29, 2022 4:52 am
Los Angeles Colocation Company Announces The Opening of Three Additional Data Center Locations in the US

Los Angeles Colocation Company Announces The Opening of Three Additional Data Center Locations in the US

Los Angeles, Calif. – LinkSecured Network, one of the industry’s most experienced hosting service providers, is delighted to announce the opening of three additional colocation data center locations in the United States. The new centers are located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Pasadena, California, Denver and Washington D.C. These new centers will increase the client’s capacity, redundancy and speed, as well as allowing the company to continue its growth.

“LinkSecured Network is committed to the safety, security, and accessibility of our customers’ websites and data, which is why we consistently invest in the latest technology,” said Jeff Masud, a spokesperson for LinkSecured Network. We want to continue being the best solution for companies seeking the best hosting experience. That is why we opened three more colocation data centers. We are trusted by our clients and will do everything to earn their trust. This commitment is further demonstrated by our significant investment in the new colocation data centers locations. It will enable us to acquire and service more clients as demand for our services continues to increase.”

LinkSecrued Network is a locally owned and operated company based in Los Angeles, California. The company’s mission is to provide reliability, security and support for its customers at all times. They aim to provide these qualities at the lowest price on the market. The Linksecured team has experience from the beginning of the Internet, developing and integrating solutions for various customers, from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups. They have built solid relationships with the top data centers, bandwidth providers and developers through their industry experience. Their industry experience and history have allowed them to build strong relationships with top data centers, bandwidth providers, and developers. For more information about the company and the services, visit their website at

Company Name: LinkSecured Network
Contact Person: Karl Hirsch
Phone: 866-525-7225
Address: 530 W. 6th Street
City: Los Angeles
State: CA 90014
Country: USA

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