September 28, 2022 4:00 am
MLS suspends Felipe Hernandez for gambling violations

MLS suspends Felipe Hernandez for gambling violations

KANSAS City, Kan. (AP). — Felipe Hernandez, a Sporting Kansas City midfielder, was removed from the team without pay Friday because he violated the league’s rules regarding gambling integrity and conduct.

MLS claimed Hernandez was involved in illegal sports gambling. He also placed wagers on two MLS matches in violation of league rules.

MLS stated that it began an investigation July 5, after Hernandez told Sporting Kansas City he was worried about his safety because of gambling debts. The league said it and the team “immediately took steps to refer the matter to law enforcement and ensure that Hernandez received necessary support and counseling.”

Hernandez tweeted a statement Friday.

” Over the past several months, it has been possible for me to reassess and take responsibility for my actions, as well as get the appropriate care for something which has greatly affected.

Hernandez was already suspended in July pending the completion of the MLS investigation and other law enforcement investigations. The 23-year old Hernandez was born in Colombia and raised here in Nashville, Tennessee. He had scored one goal and assisted in two games this season.

MLS stated that Hernandez placed online wagers on two MLS matches. Sporting K.C. Hernandez did not participate in any of the games. It stated that no evidence was presented to show Hernandez had any confidential or non-public information regarding those matches.

Hernandez is eligible for reinstatement January. 1.