October 1, 2022 4:02 am
New wargaming facility being built for Air Force laboratory

New wargaming facility being built for Air Force laboratory

ALBUQUERQUE (NM) — Construction began at Kirtland Air Force Base to build a digital laboratory that will allow advanced wargaming, as well as other simulation and analysis work with laser weapons and spacecraft.

The Air Force Research Laboratory ‘ is a $6 million Wargaming & Advanced Research Simulation Laboratory. Its purpose is to encourage strategies that involve innovation, speed, and partnerships within the laboratory. Col. Eric Felt, director, Space Vehicles Directorate, stated.

” Digital engineering allows us to explore more concepts quicker than waiting for “real thing” hardware, Felt stated in a statement.

According to Teresa LeGalley (Directed Energy’s program manger for wargaming simulation and modeling), the WARS Lab will have an auditorium that can host over 90 computers. It also has the ability to collaborate with other Department of Defense agencies.

The lab will be available for occupancy by the spring of 2023,. It will replace an older facility that was more than 15 year old, officials stated.