September 28, 2022 3:16 am
Pentagon mandates COVID-19 vaccine for civilian workers

Pentagon mandates COVID-19 vaccine for civilian workers

WASHINGTON (AP) – All civilians who work for the Defense Department and the military services must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Nov. 22, under new guidelines released Monday.

A memo signed Friday by Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Defense Secretary, stated that the new mandate was in accordance with the directive issued by President Obama last month, which required federal agencies to comply with vaccine requirements.

“Vaccinating (department) civilian employees against COVID-19 will save lives and allow for the defense of our Nation,” said Hicks. “Thanks for your attention to this crucial mission

The memo sets out the schedule for one-shot and two-shot vaccinations.

The Pentagon required that all military personnel get vaccines earlier in the year. Each service had its own schedule for active duty and reserve vaccinations to meet the mandate. Those getting the FDA approved Pfizer vaccine must get their first doze by Oct. 18, and their second dose by Nov. 8. Those getting the Moderna vaccine must get their first dose by Oct. 11 and their second dose by Nov. 8. Those who are vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine must be vaccinated by November 8. 8.

Individuals will be considered fully vaccinated after two weeks or after a single Johnson and Johnson shot. In an emergency, the Moderna or J&J vaccines can be used.

The memo says those who had COVID-19 infections are “not considered fully vaccinated” for the purposes of the mandate.

Each military service has its own deadlines to ensure that their personnel receive the vaccines. Army active-duty soldiers must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 15, and Army Reserve and National Guard by June 30, 2022.

Navy Active-duty must have been fully vaccinated by November 28,, and Navy Reserve by December 28.. Similar dates apply to the Marine Corps for active duty, and those for Reserves.

Active-duty Air Force and Space Force members must have been fully vaccinated by Nov. 2 and Guard and Reserve personnel should be up to date by Dec. 2. 2.

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