September 28, 2022 4:23 am
Police: TV reporter killed in bomb attack in Pakistan

Police: TV reporter killed in bomb attack in Pakistan

QUETTA (AP) — On Monday, a roadside bomb exploded near the journalist’s car in Pakistan’s southwest. According to Shafiq Mengal (local police officer),

Shahid Zehri was in his car when the bomb detonated in the Baluchistan provincial town of Hub on Sunday.

Mengal stated that Zehri was the target of the attack, but officers continue to investigate. Zehri was employed by a Metro 1 News TV news channel.

The Baluch Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack.

Baluchistan has been the site of a long-running rebellion by Baluch separatist groups such as the Baluchistan Liberation Front or the Baluchistan Liberation Army. These groups have for decades staged attacks mainly against security forces in order to press for their independence demands.

In recent years, separatists also attacked and threatened journalists.

Pakistan is a dangerous country for journalists. It was ranked ninth in 2020, on the Committee to Protect Journalists’ annual Global Impunity Index. This index evaluates countries where journalists are regularly murdered and their killers are free. 15 remains unsolved.