September 29, 2022 5:26 am
Royals join cast of new Bond film for glitzy London premiere

Royals join cast of new Bond film for glitzy London premiere

LONDON(AP) — British royalty joined Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig and the rest of the “No Time to Die” cast on Tuesday’s red carpet. This glittering event marked the film’s release, which was delayed by multiple pandemic delays.

The film is the 25th installment in the series. Craig’s last appearance as 007, was originally scheduled for April 2020..

Craig, a pink velvet dinner jacket-wearing actor, said that he was relieved that the film had finally made it to cinemas.

” This was a dream a year ago. It wasn’t clear that we would get there. But we did and I am happy we are here.

Seydoux also expressed relief, saying that it had been a wild time for everyone. Now, it’s time to celebrate with this movie, to reunite. It’s amazing. I’m really happy.”

Craig, 53, has played the suave secret agent in five movies, beginning with “Casino Royale” in 2006.

When asked how he felt about the role ending, he replied: “I’m fine. I’m really good about it.” As for who would be his successor, he simply quipped: “Not my problem.”

Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince William and his wife Kate the Duchess of Cambridge made a rare joint appearance at the premiere, and Kate stole the show with a sparkling gold cape dress by designer Jenny Packham.

Actor Rami Malk, who plays the role of villain Safin in the franchise, later met with the royals. Lashana Lynch, the first Black female agent Nomi and Naomie Harris, who return as Moneypenny, joined him.

Healthcare workers and members from Britain’s armed forces were invited to Tuesday’s premiere as a thank you for their efforts during the pandemic.

The film will be released in U.K cinemas on September. 30.