September 28, 2022 4:08 am
Senate Republicans press for briefings on U.S. strategy amid rising China tensions

Senate Republicans press for briefings on U.S. strategy amid rising China tensions

Senate Republicans call on the Biden administration for classified and public briefings to legislators on U.S. strategy toward China as well as policy regarding Taiwan .

The request is made amid rising tensions following the flight of nearly 150 warplanes by the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force into Taiwanese Airspace in just four days last week and this week.

U.S. officials confirmed that U.S. special operation forces and Marines had been training military forces in Taiwan for at least one year to defend the island from a Chinese invasion. The Wall Street Journal first reported the U.S. military presence in Taiwan, where they are training ground and maritime forces.

” Regular and timely hearings and briefings on these issues are crucial to ensure senators have all the information they need to make decisions and fulfill important oversight responsibilities regarding U.S. policy and strategy,” the lawmakers wrote.

Six senators from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed by Senator Bill Hagerty, Tennessee Democrat, stated in a letter addressed to Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez (New Jersey Democrat) and Ranking Member Sen. James Risch (Idaho Republican) that “concerning developments between the United States, China ,” and “the direction of U.S. policies toward Taiwan and China , , both and , , , which is driven by the Administration.

” The 21st Century will be determined by how the United States and its allies and friends meet the technological, diplomatic, and military challenges presented by China ,”, the lawmakers wrote.

In their letter, lawmakers asked that the committee hold regular classified briefings as well as hear public testimony from Pentagon and State Department officials regarding U.S. strategy.


Mr. Hagerty were also present. The letter was drafted by Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Marco Rubio (Florida), Ted Cruz (Texas), John Barrasso (Wyoming), and Todd Young (India).

The senators raised concerns about recent statements by President Biden to members of the media that he had discussed with President and General Secretary, Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping. They agreed that the U.S. would “abide” by the Taiwan .”


The lawmakers stated that it was not clear when Mr. Biden had spoken to Mr. Xi, whether this occurred before China ”s recent incursions in U.S. Airspace or after. They also asked about the specific agreement that Mr. Biden was referring too — whether the U.S. had a long-standing policy in the area or if it was a new, unrevealed agreement.

” Because these are increasingly urgent foreign-policy matters, making unclear statements or stances regarding U.S. policies harms our national security,” the authors wrote.

In the midst of heightened tensions White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met Yang Jiechi (a member of the Chinese Communist Party politburo and director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission) on Wednesday in Zurich. According to a report of the meeting, Mr. Sullivan addressed several U.S. concerns regarding the People’s Republic of China ‘s recent actions regarding Taiwan ,.

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