September 28, 2022 2:30 am
Solar panel maker plans $36M Georgia factory, hiring 500

Solar panel maker plans $36M Georgia factory, hiring 500

AMERICUS. Ga. (AP). — NanoPV, a solar company, will invest $36 millions to create a factory that assembles solar panels in southwest Georgia. It also plans to hire more 500 workers.

NanoPV CEO Anna Selvan John stated that the New Jersey-based company will begin production in Americus next year. The company plans to make more money from the growing U.S. solar panel market by selling panels that produce more electricity than its competitors.

The company will lease an existing building and plans to purchase it later, SelvanJohn stated.

John stated that workers will make $17 to $20 per hour and that highly skilled workers may make more.

The company makes solar panels and sells it to other people. This is a unique model in the solar industry. John stated that the company’s goal was to be “as vertically interconnected as possible.” NanoPV is currently building a solar farm in northeast Georgia near Elberton.

Rusty Warner was the executive director of Americus-Sumter Payroll Development Authority. He stated in a statement, that local officials have had a strong relationship with the company for six years.

Georgia is offering $1 job training for workers. Alison Wentley spoke on behalf of the Georgia Economic Development Department. NanoPV could be eligible for various tax credits, including an income credit that allows it to deduct $4 ,000 from state income taxes per job, which is worth $10 millions over five years.

Americus or Sumter County may also offer property tax breaks. Warner did not respond to a telephone call or email Thursday seeking information.

Georgia recently saw a lot of solar farm installations. In 2019. Georgia, a South Korean solar panel company Hanwha Q Cells USA established a $200million plant.