October 1, 2022 6:05 am
Ted Cruz wants to ship illegal immigrants to Democratic states

Ted Cruz wants to ship illegal immigrants to Democratic states


Sen. Ted Cruz has a new idea. He proposes that newly arrived illegal immigrants be sent to deep blue areas like New England and California. Then, see how they manage it.

He proposed that one of the new entry points for illegal immigrants be established in Rehoboth Beach (Delaware), which is President Biden’s vacation home.

The Republican senator announced Tuesday his Stop the Surge Act bill. He said it would direct border problems to “where Democrat Elites host their cocktail parties .”

Among the 13 places are Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, Newport, Rhode Island, and North Hero, Vermont. Mr. Cruz stated that the latter was chosen because it is Sen. Bernard Sanders’ summer home.

Biden administration officials acknowledged that Texas facilities were overwhelmed by this unprecedented wave of migrants.

Tens of thousands of people are being captured and released into Texas every month. This, according to local officials, has contributed to the spread COVID -19 as well as other diseases and taxed government services.

Mr. Cruz’s bill states that these migrants would be relocated immediately to new ports of entry he would set up in Democratic-leaning regions. His bill explicitly denies Homeland Security the “discretionary” to make any other plans.

The legislation is unlikely to move in a town controlled by Democrats. However, Mr. Cruz suggested his intention is to highlight the extent of the border chaos.

“If Washington Democrats were to suffer even a fraction the suffering South Texas families, farmers and ranchers have experienced, our nation’s immigration laws and policies would be enforced. The wall would also be constructed and the Remain In Mexico policy would be re-implemented.” he stated.

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