October 1, 2022 6:10 am
Texas Gov. Abbott vows to hire border agents if Biden fires them

Texas Gov. Abbott vows to hire border agents if Biden fires them

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott promised Sunday to hire the mounted border agents under federal investigation if the Biden administration disciplines them over an incident involving Haitian migrants.

President Biden vowed Friday that “those people will pay,” referring to images of agents on horseback flipping their reins as they sought to block migrants Sept. 19 from crossing the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas, fueling an outcry over agents “whipping” migrants.

Mr. Abbott stated to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, “if he takes action against them whatsoever — we have worked side by side with those border patrol agents.”

” “I want them all to know something,” said the Republican governor. You can get a job in Texas if they risk losing their jobs [from]. A president who abandons his duty to secure our border will make them redundant. I will hire your services to Texas’ border .”

He disputed the story, claiming that the officers were controlling the horses with their reins.

“First, they wouldn’t have been in that situation had the Biden administration enforced the immigration laws and secured the border in the first place,” Mr. Abbott said.

” You have a job with the state of Texas. I will hire you to help Texas sure our border.” @GovAbbott issues a statement to the CBP agents that are under investigation #FoxNewsSunday

— FoxNewsSunday (@FoxNewsSunday) September 26, 2021

“Second, as you know, Chris, the person who took those pictures said that the characterization that the Democrats have made about the Border Patrol using them as whips, whipping people who were coming across the border is false. He said that they were just maneuvering horses.

He referred to Paul Ratje, a photographer who said to KTSM-TV El Paso that photos could have been “misinterpreted.” He added that he was swinging the whip, but he didn’t actually whip anyone with it.

The agents seen in the viral footage and photos have been placed on administrative duties pending an investigation.

Homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the investigation would focus on the facts.

” “Whether these Border Patrol agents riding on horseback followed our policies and training is the subject matter of an investigation,” Mayorkas stated on Fox News Sunday. “And that investigation is independent, and the outcome will be determined by the facts and nothing more.”

The Texas Legislature has approved nearly $3 billion for border security to deter illegal immigration in reaction to what Mr. Abbott described as the Biden administration‘s “dereliction of duty.”

“The Biden administration cares far more about people who are not in this country than he does of the people, American citizens who live in this country,” said the governor. “And I’m going to step up and support the citizens of the United States of America.”

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