September 28, 2022 3:28 am
TV watchdog group asks Netflix to remove ‘Big Mouth’

TV watchdog group asks Netflix to remove ‘Big Mouth’


A TV watchdog group is asking Netflix to take down “Big Mouth,” claiming that the animated series contains disturbing depictions of sexualized children.

In a detailed report, Parents Television and Media Council (PTC ) found that the cartoon depicts fully nude children and the genitalia of their puberty.

“It’s animated, but I cannot fathom a scenario in which we should be comfortable with even an animated depiction of a 13-year-old’s private parts,” Melissa Hensen, author of the study, told The Washington Times. It is not helpful for society to encourage adult viewers .”

to view children in this manner The report includes several scenes where a girl talks to her genitals, with the camera zooming in and talking back to her.

Ms. Hensen stated that the show’s gimmick, which follows several children through puberty from 11 to 13, should be a warning sign to parents whose children might stumble upon it.

” “Grooming involves making children more comfortable with pornography to make them feel it’s not a big deal,” said Ms. Henson.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment on the study.

The U.S. TV parental guidelines deem “Big Mouth” to be TV-MA and discourage anyone below 17 viewing it.

Ms. Henson pointed out that Netflix has been a concern for some parents because it tends to air programs like “Cuties”, which sexualize children.

The PTC ‘s research notes that the National Center for Missing and Exposed Children has received 21.7,000,000 reports of child sex abuse via its CyberTipline. It is essential to eradicate sexualized content within the entertainment industry.

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